Your Invincibowl is ready-to-go right out of the bag, just slide it into your bong.

When you’re ready to clean your bong, it’s time for disassembly.


Step 1

Turn the screw 1/4 turn counter-clockwise.


Step 2

Sleeve and screen slide out. Screen may need a gentle push from behind depending upon resin load.

Invincibowl exploded

Step 3

Clean Invincibowl & Sleeve using standard bong cleaning products. We prefer isopropyl alcohol and salt (leave the screw installed and the silicone cap on the screw).


Step 4

After drying, install a new screen and the Invincibowl sleeve into the bowl.


Step 5

Tighten screw clockwise, finger tighten only! DO NOT USE ANY TOOLS to tighten the screw.

Sundown Invincibowl in glass water bong stem

Step 6

Pack a bowl and enjoy!

Have a Question? We probably have an answer.

What is an Invincibowl?

Invincibowl was created by Jeff Houkal, a mechanical engineer, actor, producer, and visionary jet setter with years of experience in product development- inventor of 7 patents. After his wife, Gloria, broke three glass bowls in the span of one month, he decided he’d had enough. Jeff set out to create a bowl that did not break, had a captured screen- which would eliminate the delicate process of ash removal-and easy to replace with a clean screen when needed.


After months of research and development and multiple prototypes, we are confident this bowl will serve the needs of any enthusiast or patient. We offer a variety of colors that are compatible with all 14mm joint smoking devices, making the Invincibowl the preferred option for any smoker.

Is Invincibowl a substitute for my current glass bowl?

Yes! Invincibowl is a direct replacement to traditional glass bowls (14mm) and will fit snuggly into your existing setup.

Why should I use a screen?

Constant use of a bubbler or bong will add carbon residue and plant matter deposits (alkanes, esters, and other alcohol remnants) to your bong water.  The bubbling action of the bong can aerate the deposits, attaching them to moisture particles that travel into your lungs when smoking. Using a captured screen will significantly reduce the material deposited into your bong water, giving you a cleaner smoking experience.

What is a “captured” screen?

Our Secure-Screen technology allows the consumer to empty ash by completely flipping the device over without fear of losing the protective barrier. Total game changer.


Generic screens either burn to a crisp or become so loaded with tar that you cannot smoke and are forced to replace it after only a few uses. Invincibowl’s proprietary screen permits over 20+ rips before it needs replacing- keeping glassware cleaner, longer. 

Do I need to buy your screens?

Absolutely not. There are tons of alternatives, but none that work as well. Brass screens have been around for decades; however, they are quick to degrade since brass has a relatively low melting point. They also contain zinc and copper which will contaminate your smoking experience. Glass or quartz screens, although reusable, require tons of patience as tenacious cleaning and gentle handling are required.


Our proprietary screens are made of durable stainless-steel and feature a high-flow shield which doesn’t easily obstruct.

Will Invincibowl get too hot?

Our bowl has the same thermal capacitance as glass which essentially means they can absorb and release the same amount of heat. The stainless-steel sleeve is where the consumer will engage the flame. This portion of the device provides an insulating layer between the flame and the aluminum bowl; this insulating layer (the stainless-steel insert) is crucial in our design allowing you to flip your bowl over entirely and tap out the ash.


With substantial use a glass bowl can become quite hot. Our bowl is no different. Though it will not heat up as much as a glass bowl, it will get hot with rapid smoking. Fortunately, we have an insulated screw which protects the user from the heat of the bowl.


Always be careful when handling any product which has had heat applied. 


Significant heat build-up can happen with extended flame application.


Intended for use with pocket lighter.

How do I clean the Invincibowl?

The only thing that needs replacing is the captured screen. Our rule of thumb is when you’re ready to replace your bong water, then you are ready to swap out your Invincibowl screen. The rest of the assembly is corrosive resistant because it is made of stainless-steel and anodized aluminum which does not require replacement.

Are there any health concerns when using aluminum?

Aluminum is one of the most abundant metals in mother nature’s crust and is arguably also one of the most misrepresented elements. The short answer is, NO! Aluminum compounds can be found in trace amounts in all sorts of everyday items such as our antacids, cosmetics, sunscreens, and even food additives. Similarly, aluminum can be found in utensils, cans, forks, knives and other products- all cleared by the FDA.


The common misconception that aluminum causes Alzheimer’s has since long been debunked. Small amounts of aluminum can even be found dissolved in water. The process of anodizing the aluminum makes the surface much stronger and resistant to solvents and salts. This process is non-toxic and often used on household items like pots and pans. Anodized aluminum has long been considered globally safe not just by the Food and Drug Administration but also the Environmental Protection Agency, the European Food and Safety Authority and the World Health Organization. Below are links to scientific papers on the topic.


What is Anodizing? 


EPA Aluminum Research


US National Library of Medicine – The Health Effects of Aluminum Exposure


Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registery – Public Health Statement for Aluminum

Is Invincibowl a “green” company?

Absolutely! Some of the ways we promote more green thinking is in our packaging. We use minimal plastic to help create a sustainable earth for all.

What if Invincibowl breaks?

Invincibowl is warrantied against manufacturer defects and is intended to sustain drops from up to 10 feet onto solid surfaces. 


See more about our warranty here: Invincibowl Warranty.

See more about our return policy here: Invincibowl Return Policy

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